Camden County College Transfer Agreement

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Temple and Camden have entered into the following program-to-program agreements: in the case of students who successfully complete an Arts Associate or Science Associate (not applicable to an Associates of Applied Science) from a New Jersey county or Community College and apply directly to Rutgers-Camden, all relevant academic courses that are taken at Community College, accepted for transfer credits (maximum 60 credits). Please note to determine which courses can be transferred. Credits going beyond the requirements of the track are evaluated by the ONSP for transfer on a course basis. Meet 4-year-old university representatives on the CCC campus, visit the transfer lounge, visit the university campus or meet with the transfer advisor. NJ Transfer is a web-based data information system that was designed to enable a seamless transfer from new Jersey community colleges to four-year new Jersey colleges and universities. On the NJ transfer site,, students can: NJ TRANSFER ( is the website that helps determine which courses have been taken in a New Jersey county or community college are transferred to the Camdes of Rutgers University. NJ TRANSFER was developed as a joint initiative of the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and the New Jersey Council of Presidents. Its many functions will help you learn: Transfer Services offers support for students who wish to move to a four-year institution. Take a series of courses scheduled at the CCC, which meet the requirements of the four-year university or university, and stick to a schedule for admission deadlines. Transfer Services is available for students who plan to move to a four-year college or university. New students are encouraged to contact transfer services as soon as they start classes. This ensures rapid progress through the corresponding curriculum, while meeting Camden County College`s graduation requirements and reaching the maximum number of transfer points to ensure a smooth transition to the four-year university or university of choice. 1.

Choose a Camden County College Associate Degree that prepares you to enter your core subject at the four-year university or university. The Pathways Transfer Agreement establishes a strong relationship between Stockton and Camden County College by providing students with several opportunities to earn associate and bachelor`s degrees at a lower cost at both universities. Articulation agreement BIO.AS, CHM.AS, PPH.AS, PHY.AS, MTH.AS, PSY. AA, ABA.AS in different U.S. scientific states Stay involved in the decision-making process. In the end, you are the only one who can decide where you want to change and for which main subject. The New Jersey Comprehensive Statewide Transfer Agreement provides a smooth transition for students moving to a public bachelor`s degree with a public associate degree. An AA or AS degree from a New Jersey Community College is fully transferable to a four-year public institution in New Jersey during the first two years of a bachelor`s degree. If a student does not complete the associate degree, the 4-year college will evaluate the transcript on a course basis.

Therefore, you must pass the AA or AS degree in order to maximize the transmission capacity of the course. Students who opt for an A.A.S. degree, a career program that should not be retransmitted, still have options if they choose a transfer. Most 4-year-old colleges choose the courses they accept, but some schools accept more than others….

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