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Sydney Research Executive Director Professor Adjunct Associate Professor Vicki Taylor said the agreements were «a big step towards improving the partnership`s ability to accelerate the pace of translation of research into health outcomes and to set the agenda for the development of health technologies.» The collaboration between the district and the university has already yielded positive results, such as: the Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney have signed historic agreements that formalize the long-standing relationship between the two institutions. The collaboration between the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Hospital – the district`s leading teaching hospital – and the university is one of the most important health partnerships in NSW`s history. RPA became the university`s first teaching hospital in 1882. For 136 years, the RPA and the university have worked together to promote, facilitate and promote medical and medical research in the fields of medicine, health sciences, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing. The agreement signed on June 28, 2018 confirms the commitment of both institutions to excellence in research, education, community engagement and health care. Given the university and district`s drive to strengthen the interaction between staff and students, the agreement provides a high-level framework for access to facilities and facilities, research integrity, student and internship coaching, and governance of cooperation. In addition, a separate intellectual property agreement has been reached. This brings together the university, the district and several affiliated medical research institutes (MRIs) into a common methodology for determining intellectual property ownership. Dr. Teresa Anderson AM, Chief Executive of the Sydney Local Health District, said that the Sydney Research Campus is recognized as a national and international «knowledge centre» «This agreement is an opportunity to show how our organizations are working together to change the way we deliver and do health care for over 135 years.» ,» she said.

University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Dr. Michael Spence AC said the implementation of the two agreements «provides an important platform that formalizes an incredibly productive relationship at the institutional level over more than a century.» July 2018 Cooperation agreements with the University of Sydney. Starting in January 2021, the university will begin implementing new cybersecurity measures, including multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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