Financial Agreement Plan

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You can be a married couple, de facto or of the same sex — it doesn`t make any difference. All are treated the same under the Family Law Act and anyone residing in Australia can enter into a financial agreement. When binding financial agreements were first introduced in 2000, the law called them Binding Financial Agreements, but they were only available to married people. For reasons known only to those who drafted the legislation, the word «compulsory» has been dropped and, since 2008, they are simply known as «financial agreements». Financial agreements are made according to certain sections of the Family Act. If you. B consider a marital agreement, you must conclude your agreement in accordance with section 90B. If you are married or separating from a marriage but are not yet divorced, you need an agreement under Section 90C and divorced couples are covered by section 90D. In order to facilitate the good agreement, we have made available the «Choose your agreement» pages that will lead you directly to the correct document kit. We accompany you with simple explanations and we assure you to receive the exact document that corresponds to your circumstances. Depending on Part VIIIA for married couples or part VIIIAB for common-law couples of the 1975 Family Act, you can enter into a financial agreement before, during or after the conclusion of your relationship. The concept of a financial agreement is therefore in fact a generic term that covers every step of a relationship. The answer is brief: yes, it is the same document.

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