Easement Encroachment Agreement

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A facility is a legal agreement in which the lessor (the owner of the land) authorizes the owner of the land (neighbouring owner who acts the intervention) to use part of the land for a specified use. In such an agreement, both parties agree on certain conditions. If others enter your property, you have the right to demand an end to this use. However, there are cases where homeowners have to allow others to use their property to some extent. A relief is what others have to use the real estate that belongs to you. General real estate facilities include the rights of utility companies to access your backyard or the rights of others to cross your country to access their property. If the seller`s ownership intervenes in another person`s country, can the seller correct this by moving or removing the intervention? If not, what problems will it create in the future, especially if they have built something that falls on public land? If a person or company attempts to build a building on land that you own without your express permission, the person or company involved may provoke an intervention that constitutes an intervention in properties or properties owned by another person. In some cases, this deposit is illegal. In other cases, the law allows other people to use your country, which is called relief. In this blog, we explain the difference between interventions and facilities and how to approach them. First, facilitation will indicate its explicit purpose: to authorize intervention.

Second, it should answer the question of who is responsible for the maintenance of the property in which the intervention takes place. Property, this person encroaches on the country of the other. Some typical interventions are: If you have questions about the interventions of a property, let us know! We`d like to help. In some cases, the intervention is only for the property of the neighbour, and your buyer must decide if he is in good standing. If you own property, you need to understand the interventions and facilities. If others build land that you own without your permission, it is most likely illegal, which leads to what is called an intervention.

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