Credit Agreement Waiver

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II. Waiver. Lenders heres than not in events of delay or delay resulting from insurance or warranty that was made or deemed to be erroneous by or on behalf of the company in or in relation to the 2010 annual accounts or in a certificate currently provided as part of the 2010 Annual Accounts (only because of the right to reversion or other technical adjustments that do not have a significant impact. 2010 global financial statements; no longer applies if the revised 2010 annual accounts are not notified to the administrator on or before May 15, 2011. CONSIDERING that, in accordance with the credit agreement, lenders have agreed to grant and proceed with certain loans and other credit renewals to borrowers; CONSIDERING that lenders are willing to accept such a departure from the conditions set out in it; NOW THEREFORE, taking into account the premises and reciprocal alliances contained in it, the undersigned vote as follows: JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., LONDON BRANCH, as European collateral agent IN WHEREOF, the deputies led to this waiver executed and delivered by their officers duly authorized to date first. . VI. Counter-parts. This waiver can be performed by one or more of the parties in any number of different counterparties, and all counterparties quoted together are considered to be one instrument.

This waiver can be served by fax or other electronic transmission of the corresponding signature pages. CONSIDERING that the Company intends to reissue its annual accounts for the second, third and fourth quarters 2010 and 2010 (cumulative of the «2010 Annual Accounts»), as the Company was denied a readmission application for certain net operating losses that it had claimed under the 2009 American Recovery and Re-Investment Act, which, as noted in the 2010 financial failures, , led to a tax benefit to the company of approximately $80,000,000 (the «carry-back-claim»); . JPMORGAN CHASE BANK, N.A., as administrative officer, U.S. collateral agent and Lender V. Governing Law. This waiver is subject to New York State laws and is interpreted accordingly, but federal laws applicable to national banks come into effect. . The email address cannot be subscribed. Please, do it again.

WAIVER (this «Waiver» from March 30, 2011, to the credit agreement of March 26, 2011. On September 27, 2008 (as amended or amended to date, the «credit agreement» between Office Depot, Inc., Office Depot International (UK) Ltd., Office Depot International B.V., Office Depot B.V., OD International (Luxembourg) Finance S.R.L. and Viking Finance (Ireland) Ltd. (together), «borrowers»), certain subsidiaries of Office Depot, Inc.

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