Corporate Rate Agreement Sample

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The process of selling the hotel begins with the production of leads (also called requests). This is usually done through prospecting and/or digital marketing. Once leads are generated, successful hotels typically use them in a line management process. It`s a way to follow what has been done with the lead. You should remember, for example, when they inquired, how they heard about your property, what information was sent, what was cited, whether a sequence was taken and what ultimately happened to the lead. Stay one step ahead and guarantee your business up to 20% savings on your hotel stays. More than 1,200 companies have already entered into an attractive business contract with Zleep Hotels – it is simple and has many advantages. This agreement is used when a customer requests a room block reservation. It`s also called a band.

This simple model describes the group`s agreement with your hotel and important logistics such as arrival date, departure date, payment method, contact information and much more. Are you ready to guarantee your company good savings on hotel stays in Zleep? All you need to do is fill out the form below. It`s fast, simple and totally non-binding. Below, our good sales team will find the enterprise agreement that best meets your business needs. You can also choose first to learn more about the benefits below. You can also apply for a guided tour of one or more hotels at the end of the page if you want to see a hotel in Zleep before entering into an agreement. If your company wishes to receive a non-binding offer, you can contact our sales department via the application form above. Send us a request today and get a company contract with great discounts valid at all Zleep hotels.

The hotel discount is flexible and can be used in all Zleep hotels – although we open new ones. If you would like a guided tour of one of the hotels before a possible contract, please fill out the form below. They will be contacted soon. We also recommend that you record all the major hotel sales documents you need while you go through the process. From proposals to contracts to operational documents such as banquet orders and group resumes, every document you send will be an opportunity to create a closer and longer link between your host and your property. To present your hotel in the best possible light, we advise you to take the time to really shine your sales documents. Hire a graphic designer if you like, or use sales and restoration software that generates great documents for you. Make sure your entire sales team at your hotel knows where the documents are stored and how they are used in your sales process.

Once a contract has been signed, it is important that it is then filed at the simple reference and associated with the correct account and contact, so that you can easily refer it if you shift your attention from the conclusion of the agreement to the preparation of the booking. This is due to the fact that hotel sales agreements contain important logistical information such as contact name, email, arrival date, departure date, payment method, payment contact and more. At Event Temple, we have worked to establish vast hotel sales resources. This manual is designed to provide you with everything you need to get your sales documentation in order. You need different sales agreements for group transactions, meetings, business rates and more. Normally, this information is not only stored in the sales contract, it is also transferred to three important operating documents. These are group groups (for groups and space blocks), banquet or BEOs orders (for events and meetings) and credit card authorization forms (if you don`t have an online payment system or credit card).

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