Board Resolution For Leave And License Agreement

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`DECIDED that the agreement of the Board of Directors is given and that it is given to take over [●] [asset description] [●] [name of lessee] for the use of the undertaking under the conditions laid down in the draft lease agreement, a copy of which duly signed by the Chairman has been placed in the Annex[●] for the purpose of identification; FURTHER DECIDED that Mr. / Frau [●] [name and name of authorized person] of the company, and is authorized to do all other acts, things and other acts necessary or deemed necessary for the aforementioned resolution to enter into force. «HAS ALSO DECIDED that the draft rental agreement is hereby approved and approved and that Mr. / Frau [●] [name and name of authorized person] of the entity and are entitled, individually or collectively, to accept, on behalf of the enterprise, the changes it proposes or accepts; HAVE ALSO DECIDED that the common label, if any, shall be affixed by the company in two copies of the rental agreement in the lines of the above-mentioned project (with the modifications agreed between the parties) with regard to the statutes of the company;. . . .

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