Alignment And Agreement

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Once this direction has taken place, it will be much easier for all parties involved to strengthen the most useful decision-making process so that steps can be taken towards our common why. We can appreciate and even appreciate our very different points of view, because we have a basis of mutual respect and guidance on which we can stand. What helps you find direction and commonalities in conflicts? What difference does alignment make against suit? If you agree, you engage in new behaviors – some of them are clumsy, and you learn new skills and you start understanding your market in a whole new way. They have a loose – or even well-defined – abstract view of what they want to lead their team, where they are trying to conduct their business, which everyone understands. And they think that because we understand the future state, they have an orientation. No no. You only have an agreement on the future situation. Approval means that there are unanimous opinions. If there is a concordance, each person truly believes that the direction of the decision and the actions that flow from it are both his personal choice and the choice of the group. «We provoke them and say, `You clearly have no direction where you want to go.` In other words, orientation begins with forms of agreement. We agree to be consistent with a goal or vision. We agree that, in order to be coordinated, we receive feedback about our ideas and the ideas of others.

We agree that to stay on the same page, we need to work on it and that this effort requires us to feel comfortable with discomfort. If they are in a line, this dissent occurs in space. You have a healthy and robust debate. Adult arguments, no doubt, if you need to know if you have chosen the right vision, what the current real sate is and what it takes to close it. This is roughly to the extent that alignment and agreement come together. Beyond this point, the goal and vision are indicated and the work begins. We no longer need to question the purpose, but we might question the point of view of others and those we offer. . . .

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