Wcsd Negotiated Agreement

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Salary grids are the result of negotiated agreements with our employee associations and are subject to change. $1 million liability policy Any damage ordered by a court arising from claims arising from an incident that occurred during your employment. Legal representation Your membership provides adequate legal assistance to ensure due process in labour law. NSEA offers each member two half-hour consultations with our lawyer free of charge each year through the MEA. These meetings deal with issues other than employment. Contract Execution Throughout the year, the MEA monitors violations of the negotiated agreement and violations of WCSD bylaws. Contractual issues may be brought to the attention of weA`s full-time employees. Representation at the conference As a member of the MEA, you have the right to be represented at any meeting with a WCSD administrator. This is important to you, especially if it is possible that further disciplinary action will be taken. Before speaking to a WCSD Bureau of Investigation, you are eligible for representation at the conference and are invited to call the MEA at 828-9282. Complaint and Letter of Complaint All licensed employees have the right to file complaints in the event of a dispute over contractual elements.

You also have the right to file a complaint in the event of a dispute regarding regulations, policies or administrative practices. Personal Benefits The MEA negotiated a 125 plan through American Fidelity. In addition, the AFA offers supported products that include disability, life and cancer insurance. They are located in the weA building and can be reached at 829-1313. Financial Planning Services Financial planning is available through Chapman Financial Group Inc., which provides comprehensive brokerage services at no cost. Call Sandy Chapman, Erika Borman or Kim Garback at 828-5050. They are conveniently located in the weA building. Home insurance and pension discounts Home/tenant insurance and a pension plan are offered by Horace Mann. Horace Mann also has $1 million in liability insurance for members. Call Jody Gertson at 425-1853 for more information. Seminars and trainings Professional workshops and seminars are available to members throughout the year to improve teaching and working practices. There is also access to grants from the NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education (NFIE).

And if you sign up for WEA, you will automatically become a member of three organizations (WEA, NSEA, and NEA) that will give you access to a large number of benefits and opportunities. The Certified Salary Plan applies to teachers, consultants, school librarians, school nurses, and other duties requiring licensing or certification The Washoe Education Association is the local voice for certified staff here in the Washoe County School District and the legislature in Carson City…

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