Use Agreement Policy

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The scope of this Directive covers any staff member who has an account (or any form of access that supports or requires a password) on a system located in a [name of the organisation] which has access to the network [name of the organisation] or which does not retain [name of organisation]. Put your users at ease to access your legal agreements from any platform and at any time. Separating a single user agreement into different logical parts or separate agreements is a good thing for the user. «User Agreement» means any agreement between an owner, operator or provider of a website, mobile application or web-based service that imposes and defines the scope of rights and obligations between the two parties. The purpose of this agreement is to maximize the value of the university`s computing resources, to allow maximum freedom of use, in accordance with national and federal law, university guidelines and the directives of the Santa Clara University Board of Trustees in order to support a productive work environment. This is the first step in a three-step process to access Indiana University`s databases and applications. You need an IU computer account before you start. Employees must also have their files processed through the university`s human resources department before they can conclude the agreement. Infringements of this Directive shall be notified to the competent administrator and, where justified, to the competent civil authorities. Failure to comply with this Directive may also result in loss of access to IT resources.

It doesn`t matter what name you give to one of these agreements…

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