Un Agreement On Kashmir

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The Commission returned to the subcontinent in February 1949 to implement the terms of the armistice, conclude a ceasefire agreement and prepare a referendum. Korbel says the Commission faces «enormous difficulties.» [30] [c] While India accepted the Commission`s resolution, Pakistan associated so many reservations and qualifications that the Commission considered it a «refusal». [22] The Commission assumed that Pakistan`s main concern was the guarantee of a free and impartial plebiscite after the fighting had ended. [19] It then elaborated a supplement to its Resolution of August, which presented proposals for the management of the plebiscite. It defined the functions of the administrator of the plebiscite, which would decide, among other things, the definitive elimination of Indian and Azidi troops from Kashmir. [24] India criticized the request for additional concessions while Pakistan did not accept the ceasefire agreement. It sought several assurances, including an agreement, that it would not be bound by a referendum if Pakistan did not take the first two parts of the August resolution; [25] and the assurance that the troops of Azad Kashmir would be disbanded before the referendum. [26] [27] www.aljazeera.com/news/southasia/2019/08/pakistan-khan-calls-international-intervention-kashmir-190806131911914.html. Although India and Pakistan finally agreed to a ceasefire and a line of control that came into force on 1 January 1949, UNCIP was unable to reach agreement on how to demilitarize Kashmir or how to hold the referendum (Snedden 2005, 72-74).

Pakistan was still unwilling to withdraw its troops, believing that India had attempted to take Kashmir by «fraud and violence» and would not fulfil its obligations (Subbiah 2004, 178-179). Pakistan therefore insisted on further details on how the referendum would take place and on the timing of Pakistan`s withdrawal from the Indian army (see Appendix 1, S/1196, 12-14). India, for its part, took the position that the accession instrument had made Kashmir a legitimate part of India and that Pakistan had launched a war of unscired aggression for the annexation of the territory.

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