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The subcommittee held its first plenary session on 3 September 1956 in Geneva, armed with a list of the main problems requiring an international solution. The subcommittee`s work has been considerably limited by its agreement on limiting the scope of the study to the criminal aspects: for the first time in the history of international air transport law, the Convention recognizes certain powers and immunities of the aircraft commander, who may detain on international flights any person whom he has reasonable reason to believe that he commits or could commit an offence that is likely to affect the safety of persons or property. or order and discipline. The Munich project has therefore created a way to ensure that the three states are simultaneously accountable. «Proposals to include a priority system in the Munich project have failed, on the one hand, because of the difficulty of reaching agreement on the priority order of the States concerned and, on the other hand, because the issue of priority would depend largely on the scope of extradition contracts. [20] The Tokyo Convention was concluded in its current form on September 14, 1963. [24] The Convention came into force on 4 December 1969 and introduced ICAO`s efforts on this subject since 1950 and the realization of many ideals of the first pioneer jurists present at the beginning of aviation. Article 3, paragraph 2, dealt with the jurisdiction of the State and the landing state and provided: [11]:1-2 The Committee on Legal Affairs, at its 12th session in Munich, examined the draft convention and the report of the September 1958 subcommittee meeting. The Munich meeting is also expected to discuss the legal status of the aircraft commander and a draft air collision convention. Other provisions are under way regarding abductions. States would agree to return a hijacked aircraft to anyone who has the legal right to it and arrest the kidnappers under national law in order to be tried under a competent jurisdiction.

The Rome project was presented at the International Conference on Air Law in Tokyo on 20 August 1963, ending decades of debate and negotiation on some of the main outstanding issues in international air law.

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