Texas Secretary Of State Llc Operating Agreement

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You do not need to file a document with the Secretary of State when selling or issuing shares or holdings in your company. The offer to sell or sell shares or shares of ownership is governed by federal and federal securities laws. Please contact the Texas State Securities Board and the Securities and Exchange Commission for information on the need for registration in Texas or the Federal Securities Act. In accordance with the provisions of sections 31.005 and 181.004 (a) of the Texas Finance Code, the name of a national or foreign unit prohibits the content of certain words in its title. The Commissioner responsible for both cases has the power to issue a letter without opposition to the use of these words or terms. Receiving the Commissioner`s letter will allow the applicant to file certain notifications with the Secretary of State. Business applicants in the State of Texas must confirm the availability of their username before submitting their application to the Secretary of State. A preliminary search of the name in the state records will verify its availability and clarity (an online account must be created to access the state search function). The Texas Business Organization (BOC) code does not recognize the term «unprofitable LLC» as a description of a particular type of business, but the BOC authorizes the creation of a non-profit LLC. Although a for-profit corporation is prohibited from «operating a non-profit organization» (BOC 2.008), the BOC is not prohibited from prohibiting them. This is one of the few significant changes introduced by the BOC. For-profit and professional companies, professional associations, LCs and certain limited partnerships (texas or abroad) subject to state tax legislation on franchises register annually with the Comptroller of Public Accounts.

As part of the annual deductible tax reports, these reporting companies submit a Public Information Report (PIR). The PIR lists the names and addresses of individuals who are at the time of reporting by officials/directors and executives. A Texan LP must change its creative certificate to indicate changes in the name or address of its partners. See BOC 153.051. (Form 424 Word 126k, PDF 100k can be used as a certificate of modification). A foreign LP must change its registration to show a change in the general information of partners in its registration request. See BOC 9.009 (a) (3). (Form 412 Word 128kb, PDF 93kb) can be used as a record change).

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