Strong Agreement In Spanish

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If you feel that you have mastered the Spanish adjective chord and want to do something more demanding, try making some more complex sentences with the structures shown below. Although «se» is a good place to start, there are many other ways to express consent in Spanish. Funding: the author has not received any specific funding for this work. «Lo» – adjective – «es that» – subjunctive – the thing – is that you are now trying on your own. The following sentences contain adjectives only in the standard form (male, singular). The adjective of each sentence has been made bold to make things easier. It`s up to you to decide if they`re correct, and if they`re not, correct them. Here are some frequently used phrases and examples of how to use them: el peor candy from the caja | the worst candy in the box An adjective is a «descriptive word.» It is a word used to describe a Nov (a person, a place or a thing). Some English examples are happy, bad, small, intelligent and interesting. Let`s talk about the rules, and you`re going to train with Clozemaster, okay? So we have a masculine, pluralistic name. How would you add the adjective feo (ugly) to this sentence? The Spanish adjectives that you will hear and read very regularly are: As you may have inferred from this article, Spanish articles are not an easy topic. So take some time to learn how they work, look at the examples and especially practice them to use them. Remember that if you need to practice language skills, Clozemaster is a good place to start! Now that you have discovered the sex and plurality of the name, apply it to the adjective.

Z.B.: Lo interesante`s que no haya nadie aqué. | What is interesting is that there is no one here. Finally, there are a small number of adjectives that appear only in front of the noun or according to a verb. These are usually superlative adjectives. These adjectives change into plural forms in front of plural substrates, but they do not change regardless of the sex of the noun. Possessive forms such as meo (mine) and Tuyo (your) also function as Spanish adjectives. However, the difference is that possessive ususally only comes in verbs in complete clauses (although there are exceptions). If this happens, the owner must have the same purpose as the name. Some examples of possessives that are used as adjectives: let`s look at an example of nobiss and look at the questions. Mi padre is bravo.

| My dad`s cranky. Note: If you are not sure how to use possessives in Spanish, this is explained in our article on Spanish pronouns. The plural-Spanish adjectives always end in -s, whether -, -os or -as. Again, it will be -os for male adjectives, as for female adjectives. The plural adjectives that end up on -it can be either male or female. Copyright: © 2020 Delgado et al. It is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license, which allows unrestricted use, distribution and reproduction in any media, provided that the author and source of origin are credited. Change the extension of the default -o en -a. As it is unique, you don`t need to add a -s.

That`s how you get the cerveza esté fra. «Beer is cold.» So we have a unique, feminine name. How would you replace the word aqué with the adjective freo (cold) in the right shape? Data availability: All relevant data can be found in the document (Table 1 and Table 3). So the right shape for «11 naughty cats» in Spanish is 11 gatos feos. The more you practice this, the more your head will have around them, and it will be easier for them to talk to. With this structure, you need to make sure that you are always in agreement with the article and the adjective with the virility and plurality of the name. Even if you can`t see it explicitly, you`re still talking about it, so the properties still have to match. To find out which adjective form should be used, you must first consult the zustnom you want to describe.

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