Establishing Mutual Aid Agreements To Obtain Resources

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54. Is the establishment of mutual assistance agreements to obtain funds from neighbouring jurisdictions an example of resource management activities? 20. La juridiction, peut recevoir une assistance mutuelle ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dans le même temps, ils commencent à mobiliser des ressources. 42. Among the following features, which are generally used for the categorization of resources? A. Capacity B. Location C. Available number D. Color 27. What resource management activities establish common definitions of personnel, equipment, crew, supplies and facilities? A. Identification and seizure of resources B. Capturing, storing and inventorying C. qualifying resources, certifying and certifying personnel D.

Planning for Resources 8. Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) is a resource-sharing system in the event of an emergency or disaster. A. TRUE B. FALSE 48. What is the resource management task that determines and maintains the availability of resources and ensures that suppliers are paid in a timely manner? A. Repayment and reintroduction B. Track and Report C.

Mobilize D. Order and Acquire 56. What resource management task determines the type, quantity, location and resource users? 12. What resource management task does it provide or activate to staff and resources? A. Identify B. Track and Report C. Order and Acquire D. Mobilize 52.

What communications management practice includes the indication of all communication systems and platforms used by parties to exchange information? . 59. One of the functions of the EOC is to provide coordinated assistance to people in the workplace, local staff and other EOCs. . . . 40. With what EOC configuration can EOC staff work with a minimum of preparation or start-up time? A.ICS or EOC structure type ICS B.

Joint Strategic Command Structure C. Division Structure D. Incident Support Model (ISM) Structure 10. The three nims principles are: A. Flexibility, standardization, unity of effort. B. Effort unit, availability, resource management. C. Planning, reaction, restoration.

D. Resources, organization, standardization. 55. What principle of nims supports interoperability between several organizations? . 6. Incident information is used in ics, EOCs, MAC and JIS groups to assist in planning, determining incident costs and identifying safety issues. A. TRUE B. FALSE .

. . . 41.ICS offers a standardized approach to the command, control and coordination of emergency personnel – A. EOC B. not activated C. On-scene D. Off-site 30. What level of activation has been implemented when only certain members or organizations of the EOC team are activated to monitor a credible threat? A. Level 1 – Full Activation B.

Level 4 – No need for EOC C. Level 3 – Normal Operations/Balance State D. Level 2 – Enhanced Balance State . 13. Which of the following functions is an EOC function? A. Coordinating plans and assessing resource needs B. All C. Collecting, analyzing and sharing information D. Provide coordination and policy direction 32. NIMS components are customizable at scheduled events such as sporting events. A. TRUE B.

FALSE . 11. Is the use of social media to support activities such as creating maps and viewing incidents an example of the communication standard? A. Common Terminology, Plain Language and Compatibility B. None of the technologies C. Use and technological procedures above D. Information Security/Operational Security 33. EOCs can be fixed sites, temporary facilities or virtual structures in which staff participate remotely. A. TRUE B. FALSE 51.

When are NIMS leaders preparing and preparing for the demobilization process? .

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