Employee Bonus Agreement Sample

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2. General conditions and procedures for the calculation and payment of bonuses 2.1. The demarcation and payment of any type of bonus to the company`s employees is subject to one or more of the following conditions: successful results of the work of FIRMA, its structural and separate divisions. To assess the success of the enterprise and its divisions, the system of planning economic activities is used (plans are drawn up, planning indicators are defined); the successful and scrupulous performance of the tasks entrusted to it; initiative, creative approach and the use of modern forms and methods of work organization. 5.2. As a general rule, a one-time (one-time) bonus is paid for the benefits mentioned above at the end of the quarter in question, provided that the document is drafted for the bonus system to work. It should be remembered that a financial incentive for a staff member is only implemented if the organization has available resources. If the issuance of a bonus harms the state of the company, it must be abandoned. Bonuses for employees, types of bonuses, incentive payments, all this should be exposed and taken into account in the settlement. For each bonus indicator, the amount of the bonus can reach 10% of the employee`s salary, calculated in piece rate, tariff rates (unless otherwise stated above).

The specific amount of the bonus for each incentive for an employee is determined by the director of the work collective; It is not necessary to include the device in the text of the employment contract. The main document governing the relationship between the worker and the employer should contain only a link to the incentive document. bonus payments for production results (based on the results of work for one month, one quarter, one year); (14) The amount of the premiums may be determined in absolute amounts or as a percentage of salaries calculated by agreement, at the tariffs or on the basis of the remuneration of the service. If a template of the bonuses and material incentives policy is used for LLC employees to create a local share of the company, it will greatly simplify the process. The amount of the reward is set by the head of the work collective for each employee according to his personal achievements and his contribution to the overall results of the team. The degree of participation of each employee in the overall results of the team`s work is determined based on an individual coefficient of work participation. The value of this coefficient for each employee can be determined by the work collective itself or its director. The bonus amount of a single employee is not limited to maximum sizes. Next, you need to specify the types of premiums. The section should contain indicators for employee bonuses. Their quality may include: the amount of bonuses offered to the head of the work collective is approved by the head of the organization (with or without adaptation). To this end, the heads of the work collectives must provide the head of the organisation, no later than the third day of the month following the reference month, with information on the amount of the premiums proposed in the following form: 6.1.

The bonuses provided for in these regulations are taken into account in the average salary for the calculation of pensions, holiday allowances, temporary disability benefits, etc. A detailed description of the method of calculation and payment of each type of bonus may be set out in the Annexes to this Regulation, which form an integral part thereof, unless otherwise specified in the Annexes. 12. The payment of bonuses shall be made in the month following the reference month, together with the payment of salaries for that (report)month. 3.2. Bonuses paid to employees who, during the corresponding calendar year, violate the internal work rules, safety rules and other local legislation of the company and who have not fulfilled their work obligations by other means during the period indicated, shall not take place. . . .

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