Drunk Agreement

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Sex is different. If you decide to have sex with someone who is disabled, do something actively with someone without that person`s consent. If they are drunk enough for consent to be sketched out, don`t do it. Like raping a girl behind a trash can because she was there! Apparently, you have to tell people that sex with an unconscious person is a crime. Many people, especially at university, are taught different standards of «too drunk to accept.» But that is what the law thinks. I do not know the exact level of drunkenness, which is considered «too drunk» always behind the wheel while drunk is a choice. You know you`re doing it. You are affected, but you also chose to gerimpairedn because you knew you would drive. Ot bone something you`re actively doing. Contacts can be legally binding, while drunk, provided there is nothing else in the treaty to make it annulable. So why is drunk sex considered rape? Shouldn`t sex be treated as verbal contact? If it is not legally binding, if it is sober, it cannot be considered legally binding if it is drunk or unable to act. In countries, the language is different in different countries, but the standard ends fairly evenly — the test that someone can give or not is whether they are able to understand what they agree with.

It doesn`t matter if they don`t understand what they agree with because they are drunk, raised or mentally disabled, or even because they just speak another language. Technically, even if you were wrong about what you agreed to, it means that you can`t agree (even though you generally understood, in terms of contracts, that you understood it if you signed it, even if you say you didn`t) And besides, you assumed you knew you were drunk. Everything changes when you didn`t do it knowingly — say someone told you they were serving you virgin margaritas, but they actually spat on them. If a customer comes to you after an alcohol deal with a contract, it is best to focus on whether and how the other party took advantage of the situation. And make sure your client doesn`t ratify the contract at issue – if an already drunk person has returned to sobriety and ratified the contract, it will be made applicable. If both are considered «too drunk,» who rapes who? I must also point out that, although I said it all, as someone drunk was usually a very strong indicator as to whether they were able to approve.

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