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At Agreement Express, our reason is to provide a virtually invisible digital embedded for financial services that have a visible impact on your business. Our digital self-help and process automation platform revolutionizes the embedded experience beyond digital forms and electronic signatures and removes the complexity of the most critical phases of the customer lifecycle. In a single platform, Agreement Express provides the tools you need to deliver a unique embedded digital experience to customers, while moving applications and transactions through appropriate workflows with robotic process automation, automated KYC, AML, risk or adequacy choices, and back-end compliance controls. The result is a one-click experience for customers and a faster time for managed assets or payment processing. Visit www.agreementexpress.com to learn more. Aaron Davis Vice President, Marketing Agreement Express adavis@agreementexpress.com T – 1 416.616.1362 Additional Resources: agreementexpress.com/payments/ www.gingerpayments.com/ PitchBook Comparison feature gives you a page-page view of important metrics for similar businesses. Personalize the data points you want to see and create visualizations immediately. I think a great leader should have the ability and discipline to handle every situation with a calm and calm hand, especially if he survives a storm. In today`s world, a guide must be empathetic and inspire and allow others to move away from their comfort zones. He or she must encourage creativity and stimulate innovation. All of this must be done on the basis of integrity and accountability. The Agreement Express team knows that we are incredibly fast and that we run on all cylinders.

Moving forward, we will stumble and even make mistakes, but we understand that it doesn`t matter, because it`s part of our team maturation process. Even if we stumble, our teammates are there to dust us off and help us move forward. Home » Press release» Ginger and the Express Agreement provide a partnership for a better known reseller exchanger VANCOUVER, BC (February 28, 2019) – Agreement Express, a leading provider of digital customers for the financial services industry based in SaaS, announced today that Dave O`Brien has entered the company with immediate effect as CEO. O`Brien`s strategic mandate will be to further accelerate the momentum of Agreement Express and lead the next phase of transformative growth. He succeeds Mike Gardner, the founder of Agreement Express, who becomes the company`s chief strategy officer and remains on the board of directors. Through Agreement Express Agreement Express is a SaaS solution that enables payment companies to offer customers and partners a unique, transparent and secure insurance and boarding experience, all of which results in a higher level of brand acquisition and loyalty. The platform contains a proprietary risk table that allows payfacs and ISOs to assess the seller`s risk and automatically secure resellers` applications within minutes. This means that customers are able to acquire a higher volume of merchants in less time.

The platform also allows our customers` customers to put accounts and resellers on board quickly and digitally.

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