Data Sharing Agreement Covid

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This agreement is supported by the British Medical Association, the Royal College of GPs, the Information Commissioner and the National Data Guardian. The three agreements dealing with IP issues make it clear that each of the parties retains its ownership rights over the data and that only the data is shared. Cori Crider, managing director of Foxglove, and Mary Fitzgerald, editor-in-chief of the company openDemocracy, wrote in a blog post: «The contracts show that the companies involved, including Faculty and Palantir, initially obtained intellectual property rights (including the creation of databases) and were allowed to train their models and benefit from their unprecedented access to NHS data.» A model data processing agreement (DPA), a type of contract required by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that describes the intention and responsibility of a processor to carry out processing at the request of a data controller. The template was provided by an anonymous organization. For example, the provisions relating to the receipt of MNO data by Flowminder are described, although this does not necessarily reflect the legal agreements actually concluded by Flowminder. In particular, there is growing interest in the use of mobile operator (MNO) data to track population movements. As described by the Digital Impact Alliance, MNO data can be used to understand mobility patterns, predict new COVID-19 hotspots, model social distancing goals, and monitor health services. However, the intrinsic sensitivity of MNO data raises, among other things, data protection concerns. GsmA – an international body representing the interests of more than 750 MNOs – has published COVID 19 data protection policies that address how its members can trust while responding to government demands. The Privacy International group is also recording how countries around the world are using MNO data during the pandemic, and it has reported on situations where some of this data could be illegal, such as how Pakistan appears to have accessed patients` registered mobile phone numbers without consent. . . .

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