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CPS has asked local school boards to decide before August whether public servants should be retained in certain schools. 26 meeting of the Chicago Board of Education, at which the board of directors is expected to decide on a new contract with the police department. Under the revised agreement, NGOs are no longer allowed to serve in schools with persistent allegations of excessive violence or complaints about inappropriate interactions with young people over the past five years. The new details of the $33 million deal between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Police Department set the ground rules for school officials. The officers who will be in uniform and carry their usual weapons will patrol schools «while maintaining a visible presence,» the agreement said. You will have offices equipped with a computer terminal capable of accessing private databases of the CPD. Officials also have access to a large number of school documents, although students` private information is only provided if permitted by law. Here are some of the changes that are stipulated in a $33 million deal between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Police Department — the details of which have been redrawed — that sets the ground rules for a much-despised program that brings officials into school buildings. The Police Authority and the school district hope that the agreement, the details of which were recently released, «will maintain and promote the safety of students, teachers and other staff.» The $33 million deal pays for police officers stationed in schools. . . .

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