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We have reached a point where the CoA must verify and recognize the purpose for which it was created to protect and protect the interests of professionals. In recent decades, the Council has abandoned the profession and it is now necessary to redeem itself. It is quite regrettable that the 45 architects who are part of the Council have allowed the profession to be relegated to its current state. In order to stem a further decline, the Architectural Council should take immediate preventive measures. They are required, vis-à-vis the professionals and junior architects of their states, to contribute to the creation of a more sensible future for practitioners in this field. In August 2020, the Council of Architecture published the Perspective Plan – a set of facts on the number of architecture schools they approved, their location, current status and the total number of students and professors – for the growth of architecture training in India. All this was presented with a series of diagrams, graphs and maps. However, the report does not mention the quality of education in these institutions or the current state of the profession. The Architectural Council is responsible for regulating the training and practice of the profession throughout the country. The city council currently has a total of 149,000 registered architects. All registered architects are bound by the code of conduct prescribed by the Charter of the Council of Architects as follows: most registered architects today deviate from the mandatory minimum level of professional remuneration imposed by the CoA and the Council has not taken corrective action. As a result, all major private clients, such as institutions and major developers, have followed the government`s lead and are now calling for offers and the appointment of architects for large projects at unreasonable fees. You are expected to work for those executed in the phases defined in your client/architect contract.

It is therefore important to clearly understand the terms of your agreement in order to avoid further confusion.

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