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Surprisingly, the millions of cells in the heart each have the independent ability to squeeze and relax. Certain treaties governed by international agreements or by the special procedure of an international organization are also excluded. By the way, a contract with me needs more than a kiss. svincolarsi (da), recedere (da); In addition, a contract «samenlevingsovereenkomst» can be concluded either in the form of a private contract or in the form of a notarial deed. The contractual liability of the Agency depends on the law applicable to the contract in question. to dare counter-contracts. à appalto, appaltare; In addition, it would be necessary to clarify the role played by the treaties of the Ministry of the Economy mentioned by the honourable Member. It looks like Protogen has biotech contracts, but not a lot of staff. The contracting authority must keep this additional information confidential. In other cases, Articles 34 and 43 shall apply to contracts. Potential buyers could not make head or tail of the contract. It`s at the heart of the contract bridge belt, a wonderful game! (b) agree in (a member of the trade union) impegnarsi a versare una quota per il sindacato. en An agreement by which a person or company is entrusted, vis-à-vis another person or company, to deliver a good or service against a predetermined payment.

it Contratto con il quale una persona o un`impresa si impegnano nei confronti di un committente a compiere un`opera o un servizio dietro pagamento. The concession contract must be concluded within 90 days of the announcement of the result. Chartering in this sector would take place under volume contracts, fixed-term contracts and travel contracts. They will be closed after the award of contracts or the call for tenders. 1 counter(gramm reed): to upset a muscle with contractions. The transfer was confirmed on 27 March 1997 by a notarized contract. Provisions may result from firm sales contracts beyond the stocks held or from firm sales contracts. In the neighbouring province of Flevoland, employment fell by 3.2%. 4 (by convention) to contradict, stabilize, conclude. And when I won the deal, I was at the very beginning.

La cessione è stata autenticata il 27 marzo 1997 con atto notarile. . I potentiali acquirenti non potevano fare testa o croce riguardo al contratto. La responsabilità contrattuale dell`agenzia è disciplinata dalla legislazione applicabile al contratto in questionse. Nella contigua provincia Flevoland l`occupazione è diminuita del 3,2%. . We start from Contract which refers us to its exact correspondent in Italian language, Contract . . .

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