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4. To avoid any initial misunderstanding, all agreements should be written in English and Korean. A well-crafted Korean OEM agreement is only complete when translated. Even the best English-speaking Koreans are ill-prepared to understand these kinds of agreements. Eliminate misunderstandings in advance and avoid lawyer fees on the street. 5. Know-how, trade secrets, etc., will be protected by a written agreement. A standard confidentiality agreement (NDA) is not enough. This agreement should be signed prior to any transaction and should normally contain confidentiality, non-use, non-circumvention and non-competition clauses, with punitive damages clauses. [ABTM id=1137] 3. Their Korean licensing, distribution, OEM and other agreements used in other countries are not enough for Korea. All «standard» distribution, licensing, OEM and other agreements should only be used as a guide in Korea.

Korea has a unique legal system with unique business risks. If you plan to make only one order (PO), you are a goat waiting to be milked. whoa Apr 03 2016 5:55 am Bin really excited for this movie!!!! I don`t watch a lot of Korean movies, but for hyun I go to see it and I love the plot and the director/producer! We`ve all said hyrie is a bad actress, but answer 188 turned out to be wrong, so I`m sure a great director with almost all of his hit movies won`t keep her busy for no reason. I really want it to be a success and I want to see Hyun Bin soon in a drama with Park Shin Hye or Yoon Eun Hye Sis Sep 22 2015 8:52 on As I say frankly, I did not expect it today and I did not expect this kind of thing, if it is film it is rather like the romantic comedy, if actor, but this time he pushes his show more on the cool and warm side !! Can our Oppa have a smexier? But who will be the actress? It will be released in 2017, so jin ji hyun will be available and his child will be quite old or lee bo young and let`s not forget our queen ha ji won, with whom hyun bin had the best chemistry. It will be a great idea if Kim Sun Ah is the lead role, since she tried to shoot this action thriller in masked prosecutors, but she failed miserably, so they can blow with hyun bin the cinema with their Chemsitry. Hyun bin did a bit of action in the deadly encounter, but he didn`t show his ability to act too much because he was the type, but here we will enjoy the thriller and korean dialect!!!! Nice return oppa!! Nia Sep 22 2015 6:45 am Omg omg omg OMG!!!!!!! You don`t know how much it means to me!! Not just any movie, but an action and thriller movie, not only Korean, but also North Korean, for the first time for him, a show not only normal, but a show through learning martial arts!!!! We were supposed to make oppa`s birthday present, but he gave us the best gift ever!!!! I wonder who the actress since her action it should ha ji won or park min young or gianna jun it will be a great action debut for Park Shin Hye too….

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