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If departure is our «nuclear option,» the «conventional weapons» option is to unite to improve our lot as a professional freelancer. I urge you to consider joining a relevant guild or union, even if you don`t see any immediate benefits. If you participate, they`ll come. Vice Canada now has a collective agreement. It`s bright. Each time you enter into a freelance contract with CBC under the CMG/CBC collective agreement, you pay 1.55% of your gross payment in union fees. This means that you have the right to become a member of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Bran and that you are protected by certain sections of the collective agreement. The Canadian Freelance Guild does not represent CBC freelancers, and there are some benefits that CFG cannot currently extend to CBC freelancers. You may be a member of both unions, but if you are executing professional contracts for the CBC, we advise you to «claim your membership.» Go to this website to do it. If the form appears in the drop-down menu for employers, select Freelance – CBC/Radio-Canada. To view the full freelance article, including the minimum wage scales in the CMG-CBC collective agreement, go to this link and go to page 90. Under the new collective agreement, new Vice Canada employees are given two weeks` leave instead of two weeks. After three years of work, they receive four weeks of annual vacation.

According to the CMG, the salaries of Vice Canada employees included in the contract will immediately increase from two to 52.5 per cent, with an average increase of nine per cent. «It`s not as much experience as it was maybe five or ten years ago,» said Peterson, from the digital information industry. «It`s a place where you can really make a career out of it, and I think they`re looking for business as a way to make your career more sustainable… Digital is no longer just a volunteer blog, it`s a livelihood. The three-year agreement with Vice Canada lasted nine months of «intensive negotiations,» according to the GMG. It has about 170 Vice Canada employees working in the editorial, production, post-production and operations roles, as well as employees who produce branded content and advertising, according to CMG.

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