Caravan Hire Agreement

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12. The tenant agrees that all the people mentioned on the booking form will be with you (the tenant) during your rental period. Vacation park owners and/or their employees must have a copy of your booking form. The booking form is important because it is only for you and your parties for security purposes. Once we have received your £50 deposit, the tenant has agreed to the full terms and conditions described above, such as at the time of your booking and holiday. 28.5 No merger The tenant`s obligations with regard to agreements, consents, agreements and guarantees contained in these conditions remain in full force and effect and do not expire at the end of the contract. 1.1 «Ace» means Ace Caravans Limited, its successors and assignees or any person acting on behalf of and under the authority of Ace Caravans Limited. 1.2 «Customer» means the Customer or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of the Customer. 1.3 «guarantor» means the natural (or natural) or legal person who agrees to be liable for the customer`s debt on the basis of the principal debtor. 1.4 «caravan» means the caravan(s) (including all accessories) that are rented by Ace to the customer (and if the context permits, includes any ancillary provision of services). The caravan is described as on the rental contract, invoices, offer or other authorization forms, as it makes ace available to the customer.. .

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