Bru Reang Agreement In Hindi

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#WATCH «The bru-reang agreement on refugees is to settle them permanently so that they can live with dignity. The best thing to do with this agreement is that it is not an ad hoc agreement. This agreement is a solution that lasts,» said Swaraj Kaushal, former governor of Mizoram. A. Sawibanga, president of the MBDPF, who signed the treaty, said he was holding back from the agreement in the wake of strong opposition to the Mbdpf leaders of the Haze people. You may have understood who Bru Reang`s refugee is and what is the Bru-reang agreement on refugees? The agreement signed by the government on the protection of people in the Brussels community will protect their lives and property. Mizo-Jangroups, bureaucracy, police and other powerful groups were all interested in the permanent destruction of the Riang community. After the collision, the Young Mizo Association and the Mizo Students Association requested that the names of the Bru people be removed from the state`s electoral roll because they were not originally residents of Mizoram. In 1997, a violent collision broke out with Mizo under the leadership of the Brussels National Liberation Front-BNLF, a group supported by the Bru community and a political organization (Bru National Union-BNU). Due to the racial tensions of 1997, Bru-Reang was forced to leave Mizoram and seek instability in Tripura. The refugees were held in makeshift camps in Kanchanpur, north of Tripura. At the time, about 37,000 Bru had to leave Mizoram.

Riang is a worshipper of his culture and has an unwavering faith in religion, so he is not ready for this mizocaran. With differences between culture, language, costumes and religious beliefs, Mizo Riang called «Bru» and developed a public perception that Bru is not a native. Mizo is against them that they do not accept mizocaran, Christianization and Church-sponsored conversion. That`s why there`s tension between the two. Since the Bru Riang community fled Mizoram in 1997 and fled to Tripura, the Indian government has been trying to permanently relocate it. In Tripura, they had only had a package of help for them for six months.

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