Bird Dog Option Agreement

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Con: It`s not an easy job. Of course, there are bird dogs that make it look easy. But for every viable lead on a troubled field or enforced execution, there are many that you need to scrap. The salary of a successful bird dog could be quite high if it finds a market for an investor — but they won`t be paid a penny until that happens. Also, you`re unlikely to be the only bird dog in town — there are probably other real estate professionals working for different investors, so there will be competition. This is a bird dog agreement for legal services? Driving for dollars is a real estate investment concept used for research conducted by serious bird dogs. It is a matter of literally crossing the city (or on foot) in search of real estate with considerable investment potential. Con: It assumes its own risks as a simple commission work. You don`t lose money with bird dogging, but if you don`t bring viable leads to your broker or investor, you won`t get a search fee for your work, either.

A regular wage position may not seem as exciting or lucrative as one that offers big commissions, but there is much to be said for stability. The bird dog only pays if the deal is done. That means there could be a lot of waiting and bite before the deal is reached — and even if it does, it may take even longer before you see a paycheck. Make sure you receive your payment terms in writing. Bird Dogging may have its advantages like a part-time gig or a secondary shake-up, but there is also a lot of uncertainty involved when you think about making it a full-time job. A bird dog in real estate is a person who acts as a real estate agent for an experienced real estate investor. The bird dog hunts and identifies troubled and sub-expensive real estate that have a high investment potential, and then leads to an experienced real estate investor. If the investor decides to buy the property and the sale passes, the bird dog receives a research fee or commission.

I have a lot of people who want Birddog for me now, so I`m going to mark that so I can find it. Thank you for sharing! For those who are looking for a way to get some practical experience in real estate investing without using their own money, is bird dogging is the safest bet. This is because bird dogs are simply real estate hunters; they did not involve any money in the transaction. If a real estate management does not stop for the investor of the bird dog, no commission is earned, but the bird dog does not lose money.

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