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We offer two model author agreements, one for magazines and the other for academic sites of departments and units. Authors are required to submit an author`s agreement form immediately upon acceptance of the manuscript. The corresponding author of the manuscript may sign and submit the form on behalf of all co-authors. The author agreement form must have been received by the editor before the manuscript is published in the journal. Send by e-mail: Send the forms as e-mail annexes: To send the author agreement form to the IJCRI journal, you can send it as an e-mail appendix Journal can adopt these terms as it best meets the needs of the journal. For academic units, the language has provided mirrors that are used for people who upload their own content in eScholarship, and units should use the same or substantially similar language. Section – I: Integrity and originality of the manuscript Section – IV: Authorization to reproduce published documents The form may be submitted for writing in the form of scanned images (z.B.jpg or JPEG) or as a PDF file. Note: If you submit through the site, please note that there are several file upload boxes for forms. Please select the name of the form to submit, and then hang the pages of the form as image files or PDF files. Please submit one form at a time. If the author agreement form or other forms are faxed, the faxed forms must have legible names and signatures. . .


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