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Until implementing legislation is enacted, existing national law remains unchanged with respect to a non-self-governing matter and the legislation in force in the United States.121 While it is clear that non-self-executive provisions in international agreements do not supersede existing national or federal law, there is considerable scientific debate on the distinction between self-excrement and Community law. Provisions of Article 100(12) of Regulation (EC) No 1005 This includes ensuring the smooth running of negotiations by providing immediate translation and interpretation services and distributing relevant documents. This may include more important tasks, such as preparing substantive studies or participating in the preparation of a first negotiating text. It can also involve influencing issues on the agenda of meetings, discussing difficult issues, or facilitating the reconciliation of compromises and agreements. Sometimes the secretariats have a de facto considerable influence on the content of an international treaty. 130 International treaties today fulfil a very wide range of purposes, particularly at the international level, many of the functions that are fulfilled by parliamentary acts or other laws at the local level. Treaties and binding decisions of international organizations are the vehicle by which States can deliberately make binding rules or orders among themselves under international law. Current international relations are characterized by the extension of treaties, particularly in areas such as international environmental law, international economic law, international maritime law and international criminal law. 10 The emergence of multilateral treaties was an important step in the historical development of treaties. Initially, multilateral agreements were concluded in the form of a number of bilateral agreements, without an explicit link between them. The Peace of Westphalia is an example of this and is considered a prototype of the first multilateral treaty (Westphalia, Peace of [1648]). Das erste multilaterale Abkommen in Form eines einzigen Instruments war die Schlussakte des Wiener Kongresses (1815), die die Transaktionen des Kongresses zusammenfasste (Act of the Congress of Vienna, signed on 9 June 1815 in GF de Martens [ed] Supplement to the Receuil of the Main Treaties of Alliance, Peace, Truce, Neutrality, Trade, Limits, Exchange etc. .

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