Agreement In Cloud Computing

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[2] See paragraph 9.2, Amazon Web Services Customer Agreement available on The first category of insurance and guarantees is addressed to parties who indicate that they have the opportunity to enter into the contract, they have all the rights necessary to grant the rights granted to them, they are not subject to an existing agreement that would limit their ability to implement this agreement, they will not reach an agreement that would limit their ability to implement this agreement, and they will comply with all applicable laws (including data protection violations). A partisan party (usually the seller) or, in some cases, both parties may be required to obtain and maintain certain levels of insurance for the duration of the contract (for example. B, general business liability, errors and omissions) and cyber insurance specifically covering a data breach. As a general rule, these provisions require the other party to receive an insurance certificate or the effective insurance policy (to confirm coverage) and to be held as an additional insured. Typically, the cloud provider owns the software that unders and running cloud computing services and any software provided by the provider for direct use by the customer. The customer usually owns all of his data and gives the cloud provider the right to access the data and, if necessary, use it to provide the service. Appropriate levels of service are needed to ensure that the availability of the service is tailored to the customer`s expectations and that it must be delineated in the agreement. In addition, appropriate corrective measures should be made available to ensure that the provider is encouraged to work in accordance with agreed service levels. More information about service levels below in this article for the level of service of operating time and appropriate corrective actions.

15.20 Const parties, signatures. This agreement can be signed into several counter-parties which together are considered an agreement. A signed contract, which is transmitted by fax, email or other electronic means, is considered original. The parties agree that electronic or digital signatures will have the same effect as a manual signature. The second category of representations and guarantees is for the provision of services under the agreement. In general, the seller is required to ensure and ensure that he provides all services satisfactorily and professionally, with qualified staff with the skills required by the sector, he will replace unsatisfactory staff (if any) and will again provide all unsatisfactory services and will use his established and usual methods to provide services.

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