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Code Contracts is another weapon in the armory. Don`t just think of it as a way to make sure your code doesn`t face inappropriate values at run time. Think of it as a way to get your code to speak clearly and accurately, whether it`s for the tools, the code manager, other developers who use your API, or even for yourself. As a contract, an affirmation is a guarantee that the code must respect. Every error in this expression is a logical error in the code that needs to be fixed in the source code. By definition, a program for which the Assert contract is false is not valid. The following example shows the use of code contracts. When If-then-Throw statements are displayed in this form, the tools recognize them as legacy statements. If no other contract follows the If-then-Throw sequence, finish the code with the Contract.EndContractBlock method.

The compiler is free to consider the Assert expression to be true and optimize the next code accordingly. Differences of opinion between member states led to an impasse over the abolition of border controls within the Community, but in 1985 five of the then ten Member States – Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany – signed an agreement on the phasing out of checks at common borders. The agreement was signed on the princess marie-astrid boat on the Moselle, near the city of Schengen, Luxembourg,[5] where the territories of France, Germany and Luxembourg meet. Three of the signatories, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, had already abolished common border controls within the framework of the Benelux Economic Union.

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