Accc Enterprise Agreement 2020

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Alsco is withdrawing the offer for The Spotless Alsco Garments and Spotless Garments are major suppliers of clothing rental, cleaning and delivery services throughout Australia. The CCAC tentatively considered that the proposed transaction would likely have a significant impact on competition in the provision of commercial laundry services for clothing in each Australian state and in several states (October 22, 2020). more… Alleged cartel complaint in the overhead crane industry The ACCC has commenced civil proceedings against NQCranes Pty Ltd in the Federal Court of Justice for conduct of cartels and abuse of dominance in violation of competition and consumer law, concluding a «distribution agreement» that companies would not target customers of existing services of the other (19 October 2020). more… Janbar Pty Ltd/Arborcrest Pty Ltd [2020] FCA 1519 CONTRACTS – Violation of unspoken legal safeguards pursuant to s 32 (2) of the Building Work Contractors Act 19 95 (SA ) – Given the jurisdiction of the Federal Court of Australia at 40 – if the installation of window and door installations at 32 (2) (f) – the division of responsibility and co-indebtedness were useful. CONSUMER LAW – misleading or misleading conduct in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law (S 18) – that allegations were made and that they were misleading or misleading. Australian Constitution ss 75, 76, 77; Australian Consumer Legislation ss 18, 57, 236; The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) ss 87CB, 87CD, 137B ASIC successfully obtained orders against Debt Wipeout ASIC obtained injunctions and injunctions from the Federal Court of Australia against Mr. David Murphy, Mr.

Anastasios Mavroulis, Ms. Kewa Ruwhiu and Mr. Mathew Ruwhiu (the defendants) and Debt Pty Knocky Ltd . ASIC argues that Debts Knockout engaged in deceptive or deceptive conduct during the exercise of a financial services activity (October 15, 2020). more… Amaysim and Lycamobile pay US$126,000 and $12,600 respectively after the ACCC issued a notice of infringement to each of these mobile operators for allegedly false or misleading statements about their mobile phone plans (15 October 2020). more… National Electricity Market Survey: September 2020 Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: October 19, 2020 This report was prepared as part of the ACCC`s investigation into electricity prices, profits and margins in the domestic electricity market. The follow-up report highlights recent market developments. more…

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